By Georgia Raysman, Nantucket Chronicle

Nantucket & Company provides consultancy services for mid-sized companies in the hospitality and retail sector,  sponsorship evaluation for Fortune 500 companies and supports private equity and research firms in the evaluation of pending transactions.  Nantucket & Company was founded by Richard Turer.

Nantucket & Company continues to pursue securing events to Nantucket supporting economic development (predominantly in the shoulder seasons) while enhancing arts and recreation for year-round residents and the seasonal community.   In 2014,  Nantucket & Company organized the "Nantucket Pocket Park Series" delivering over 30 free concerts and children's events in the historic, downtown area. In 2016, this 501C3 was transferred to the Nantucket Community Music Center.   N&C also worked with Remain Nantucket to bring Kate Levin, the past Commisioner of Cultural Affairs from NYC to Nantucket leading to the development of the Nantucket Cultural District. Nantucket & Company will continue its work to provide more accessible activities purposed to improve the island experience for residents and strengthening tourism on Nantucket. 

Nantucket & Company

​Nantucket Stroll, JCH, 1995

​Nantucket Wannabees, Clearwater 2006

(Wish we kept the Woody)

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Clean air and cool breeze.

Mother nature smiles wide.

Wind powers our souls.

 Haiku by Kimberly Buccheit

"Rich Turer grew up in New England, spending his teen years in New Canaan, and went to college in Florida, where his grandparents lived.  He worked in the hospitality industry in Boston to put himself through college and then worked in Boston after college, for the restaurant chain Uno’s.  Although his degree was in marketing Rich was told that hands-on restaurant management experience was needed first; within a few years Rich was their youngest General Manager.  Eventually Uno’s named him marketing manager for the entire chain, even paying him to go to Harvard’s Extension School in business management during his eight and a half-year tenure with the company.  At that point he was recruited to work for IHOP, the pancake chain, which had a completely different, and negative, relationship with its franchisees than Uno had, and where his diplomatic and business skills were put to the test immediately.  He built up IHOP’s franchisee program from Maine to Washington, DC and turned franchises who hated the company into its greatest fans.

Along the way, Rich courted his wife, Susan, on Nantucket, visiting mostly in the fall and regularly during Stroll. When they needed to decide where to get married, Nantucket was the natural choice and Reverend Ted Anderson the natural officiant.  Nantucket was where they brought their first child to be dedicated, at the Unitarian Meeting House, and where they brought both children to vacation... [Click For More]"  

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